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Performing Art

The arts make us feel connected to one another and less isolated. Through the arts we share an emotion and that sharing connects us with each other and we realise we all feel the same emotions. The arts are our last hope. We find our identity and make it easier and more pleasurable to live and they also give us wisdom.
Arthur Miller

The Performing Arts plays a key role our students’ personal development; over the years these subjects have provided many rich and varied opportunities to student’s experiences towards arts, which develops creative, confident and capable students, who go out into the world and impress others with their abilities.

Here at CONCEPT360 offer you series of Performing Art Courses like, Ballroom Dances, Vocals, Music, Bharatnatyam, International Folks Form, Belly Dancing Etc. under guidance of very well established and well acclaimed Faculties like _________, ________, ___________.