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ESP for kids

“Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) for kids”

This Powerful Programme trains students to keep brain waves level to Alpha state (meditative state) when the brain is in optimum ability. Our techniques are proved beneficial in studies simultaneously improving focus, understanding, memory, behaviour by enhancing the working of left-right brain, hormonal secretion and developing intuition. An intuitive ability is developed and so the medium to gather knowledge does not get restricted to the conscious world but becomes limitless.

Development of life is done in early age till 15 years as the brain is in programming state and so it becomes crucial to develop this ability as if missed it becomes almost impossible to extract this ability after age limit. Thus, it becomes a responsibility of every person, parent and institution that play a vital role in molding child’s future to inculcate these techniques and mould them to have not only successful but meaningful life.

Course Duration: 32 Hours in 4 Months

The following points to be covered in the course:

  • Improve Concentration
  • Better Focus
  • Multitasking ability
  • Improved visualization skills
  • Improved academic results
  • Enhance imagination and creativity
  • Improve Memory Recalling
  • Good social behaviour
  • Increased Patience and obedience
  • Intuition Development
  • Powerful Senses
  • Reduced Anger
  • Controlled and Channelized Energy
  • Better decision making capacity in terms of friends, choosing career or job
  • Can judge person intentions and power to take instant decision to come out of adverse situation
  • More confident, satisfied and happy towards life
  • Generate Self-Confidence & Power to take required Actions by breaking mental limitations
  • Get out of Depression & Emotional set-backs
  • Come in Peak-Performance State by generating physical & mental strength
  • Get Positive Mental Attitude
  • Get rid from negative thoughts & emotions
  • Get rid of fears & phobia
  • Increase memory, concentration & grasping