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Brain Gym

“To be creative and mentally fit, we need to maintain a regime of exercise not only for the body but also for the brain”

Brain gym is a movement based learning programme based on the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning.

The program uses 26 unique activities that enhance the coordination between the eyes, ears, hands and the entire body, balancing of left and right brain and memory games.

These simple movements help improve the brain function by forming new connections and thus integrating new and successful patterns and of learning.

Brain gym is the practical self-help side of Educational Kinesiology, a system developed by Paul Dennison who worked on dyslexia and learning disabilities.


Better scores in exams, increased focus in studies, faster memory, increased concentration, eradication of negative behaviour, happy and stress free childhood.

Course Duration: 10 Hours

Course Highlights:

Pre Requisites: